CHART (Connected Curriculum - Dimension 5)


CHART enables you to better visualise assessment information such as distribution, timing, weighting and type on modules and programmes. It allows staff to enhance the design of assessment, and provides students with better understanding of the range of assessment, helping them manage their time effectively.

Benefits for students

  • Provides an overview of assessment, time, variety, weighting, etc.
  • Helps you to manage your time so you can better prepare for assessments.
  • Allows you to spot deadlines.
  • Provides assessment information.
  • Links to assessment information.

Benefits for staff

  • Gives a holistic view of student assessment.
  • Helps to manage assessment bunching.
  • Provides the basis for the redesign of assessment.
  • Provides evidence of programme development.
  • Enables communication of assessment deadlines to students and colleagues.
  • Helps with time management for marking and return of feedback.
  • Provides information in relation to peaks of activity.
  • Links to good practice.

Core features

  • Visualises assignment submission and feedback return deadlines.
  • Shows assessment variety.
  • Shows relationships between formative and summative assignments.
  • Links to good practice.